the future is built with experience 

Wright Brothers Construction Co., Inc., based in Charleston, Tennessee, was founded in 1961, by two brothers, James and Robert Wright. Wright Brothers performs site preparation, grading, excavating, highway and heavy construction services. We have contracts for bridges and structures, base construction, sewer and water lines, surfacing and bituminous paving, clearing, grading drainage, excavation, landscaping and work incidental thereto. Wright Brothers has moved hundreds of millions of cubic yards of soil. We have a vast experience in the many diverse types of soil and rock, from silts, clays, limestone, sandstone to granite. Wright Brothers has completed projects in almost every state in Southeastern U.S., working for various state Departments of Transportation and for diverse private industry. Wright Brothers currently has projects in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.

Wright Brothers is dedicated to "getting the job done" and "done right." We utilize teams of qualified construction professionals to get the best job done, on time and within budget. We want our customer to have a pleasurable experience and be utmost satisfied. We are an ambitious group, always looking for new adventures. Always moving mountains.

When you have heavy equipment needs, we want to help. Make the WRIGHT choice.


Our Mission

As a construction company primarily involved in highway and site construction we shall strive to provide excellence in our product while stressing safety and our commitment to profit for our owners. 

To our clients, we will strive to provide them with a superior finished product that meets their time schedule, exceeds their design and is within budget.

To our employees, we will provide them with a working environment that provides them the tools for safe working conditions, advancement in their fields and rewards their productivity.

To our owners, we will attempt to maximize their return on investment while maintaining excellence in product and a safe environment for their employees and the general public.

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