Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc.

Safety and Risk Management at Wright Brothers is focused on balancing Safety, Quality & Production from a behavior based philosophy rather than compliance based enforcement.

Our Behavior based safety approach both educates the employee and develops a partnership with the employer. Trust and self-ownership are critical components for this successful implementation.  The end result equals a total team atmosphere dedicated to achieving common goals.

By empowering each employee as a valuable teammate with specific goals and responsibilities to themselves and each other in addition to the impact on the company; thinking and participating are not only encouraged but are self-motivated by each employee.  Individual Thinking is the common denominator between success and failure.

Wright Brothers history has showed the closer balance between Safety, Quality & Production in reference to self-performed work, subcontractors and vendors equates to the most successful projects. Additionally Wright Brothers accepts the obligation to provide a safe environment for the travelling public and others in proximity to our projects, thus re-enforcing our goal of balancing Safety, Quality & Production.

The success of our Safety program is evidenced by our EMR and TRIR rates: