Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc.

Job Position:  Bridge Foreman

Summary of Position:

The Foreman provides supervision of job site staff at highway and heavy construction projects.  The Foreman helps promote an environment in which safety, environmental, and health concerns are top priority and ensures all work is completed on time and in compliance with project plans.

Key Activities and Position Responsibilities


  • As the first line of compliance of the Company Safety Program, the Foreman will observe the behaviors of his crew and make immediate corrections, when needed.
  • Perform daily site inspections to insure that safety standards are met.  Make corrections as required.
  • Conduct daily pre-job briefings and safety meetings, and address how daily tasks are to be carried out.
  • Lead and complete Tool Box Talks.
  • Perform a JSA before any new tasks are undertaken.
  • Handle onsite incidents and emergencies in a proactive manner.
  • Make sure that work sites are cleaned and cleared of any hazardous materials prior to the beginning of a construction project.

General Responsibilities

  • Accept the duties of performing and completing tasks as assigned by a Superintendent, Project Engineer, or Project Manager.
  • Complete assignments efficiently and provide a quality product for the Company’s clients.
  • Create a team of workers that perform well together.
  • Understand the job specifications.
  • Monitor daily construction procedures to ensure that proper quality is maintained and that schedules are being followed.

Project Reporting

  • Submit daily project progress information, as required, for recording keeping, including:
    • Time Cards
    • Cost coding of activities
    • Labor
    • Equipment records
    • Weather conditions
    • Notes of the day’s actions
    • In place quantities of materials

Resource Management

  • Interact directly with all members of the field crew.
  • Handle creation of job duties and delegate tasks to construction workers.
  • Create and monitor schedules for each workers skill and competency level. Provide safety and operational training for workers, as required.
  • Make an assessment of each workers skill and competency level.  Provide safety and operational training for workers, as required. 
  • Ensure accuracy of work orders prior to handling them out and make sure that time efficiency is taken into account.
  • Ensure that all machinery and tools are available to the crew, everything is in proper order, and properly maintained.
  • Perform inspections to ensure that the crew’s performance is up to established standards.
  • Ensure that all materials, supplies, tools, and equipment are procured in a time efficient manner.
  • Understand and monitor the activities of subcontractors.

Project Controls

  • Discuss procurement needs with the project superintendent or manager.
  • Understand the use of purchase orders.
  • Ensure that any significant information is communicated to the project superintendent or manager.
  • Create and maintain positive working relationships with owners, vendors, and suppliers.
  • Attend project meetings as required.

Education and Experience:

At least 5 years of experience working on highway and heavy civil construction projects preferred.  Must be able to read plans, shoot, and figure graders.  


An Equal Opportunity Employer

Females and Minorities are encouraged to apply

Drug Free Workplace

E-Verify Employer