Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc.

Bridge Foreman

Wright Brothers Construction seeks an experienced Bridge Foreman for projects in the states of Alabama and Georgia.

Summary of Position:
Manage and supervise planning and performance of their construction crew. Plan and coordinate the efforts of craftsmen and laborers under their supervision and motivate them to accomplish the work safely, correctly and efficiently. Work with and coordinate with other crafts. Reports to the Superintendent or Project Manager.

Preferred Qualifications and Training:

Must have working knowledge of auto-levels, laser levels, transits or other layout tools for verification of finished lines and grades. Must have 5-10 years’ experience as a Bridge Foreman, including but not limited to: pile driving, formwork erection, concrete placing & finishing, girder erection (steel and concrete), crane operation oversite, Bidwell & Shugart screed setup, tear down and operation. Must set standards of excellence in leadership, safety, quality and productivity for the members of his/her crew.

Key Activities and Position Responsibilities:

• Be able to perform all of the essential functions of craft workers under his/her supervision;
• Use effective verbal and written communication skills;
• Add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers and fractions accurately and in an efficient manner;
• Plan, diagram, and lay-out work;
• Read and understand plans and specifications.
• Monitor quality of work to assure that correct procedures are followed and that work is in compliance with the plans and specifications;
• Examine/inspect field conditions to identify problems, inaccuracies, and cost saving measures, making corrections as needed;
• Inspect work for compliance with the contract plans and specifications, point out deficiencies, and explain corrective action needed;
• Listen to other employee's and supervisor's suggestions, complaints, problems, safety concerns and recommendations;
• Evaluate safety suggestions and concerns and be able to devise and implement a plan of action based on that evaluation;
• Identify safety hazards you or other employees may be subject to and take all necessary corrective action to eliminate or minimize hazards;
• Perform task planning to safely and efficiently carry out all aspects of that work assigned;
• Plan and communicate with purchasing personnel and supervisor for adequate supply of tools, materials and equipment;
• Monitor quality of work and assure that correct construction procedures are followed;
• Make sure work is in compliance with the plans and specifications and is accomplished relative to the Schedule;
• Complete crew's timecards for correct hours and cost coding;
• Provide on-the-job training and mentoring to subordinates;
• Monitor productivity rates and review with crew members;
• Prepare daily reports completely and accurately;
• Ensure that construction equipment is correctly operated and maintained;
• Ensure that Quality Control forms are available and being completed; review, approve and submit to supervisor;
• Have a working knowledge of Short Interval Schedules (SIS) and labor management productivity:
• Produce quality work, meeting requirements of plans, specifications and industry standards;
• Be not only self-motivated but able to motivate crews to work productively and properly;
• Other duties as assigned..

At Wright Brothers Construction, Inc., we are only as good as our people. We offer outstanding benefits and rewards to recruit and retain the best professionals in our industry. When you join the WBC team, your comprehensive benefit package will include:

• Health Insurance for employees and their dependents
• Dental Insurance & Vision
• 401(K) plan with Company Matching Contributions

We offer competitive salary and benefits that are position and assignment dependent, commensurate with experience.



Equal Opportunity Employer

Females and Minorities are encouraged to apply

Drug Free Workplace

E-Verify Employer


About Wright Brothers Construction, Inc.:

Wright Brothers is an ever evolving Christian owned business steeped in the traditional core values of INTEGRITY, URGENCY, SELFLESSNESS and HARD WORK. As such, we hold ourselves accountable in implementing these principals and leading by example.