Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc.

Wright Brothers is seeking a qualified Project Engineer to provide supervision of highway and heavy civil construction projects.  The Project Engineer helps promote an environment in which safety, environmental, and health concerns are top priority and ensures all work is completed on time and in compliance with project plans.

Key Activities and Position Responsibilities:


  • Monitor compliance with Company Safety and Policy programs.
  • Assist/participate in daily Safety and Toolbox meetings.
  • Provide assistance in developing training methods and implement new project initiatives.
  • Assist with training of crew members.
  • Conduct and document daily inspections: traffic, trench, environmental, etc., and as required.
  • Take the lead on supplying any owner required safety or environmental reporting.
  • Monitor compliance with any owner safety programs.
  • Maintain and update a job bulletin board.

General Responsibilities

  • Be prepared to support the project manager.
  • Take project information from the project manager and study directives carefully.
  • Prepare, plan, and implement project plans according to instruction provided.
  • Maintain the latest revisions of project plans, specifications, and communications.
  • Serve as support for project operational activities.
  • Act as a communication link between departments.
  • Facilitate and coordinate project activities between departments and individuals.
  • Foster positive relationships between team members.
  • Ensure that all departments are informed of their specific project duties.
  • Provide all project members with deadline information and ensure that projects are completed within allocated deadlines.
  • Provide tracking for utility locates, blasting plan compliance, trench logs, etc.
  • Disperse weekly payroll
  • Maintain open communication with owners, owner representatives, and owner contractors.
  • Provide adequate office supplies, when required.

Project Reporting

  • Track the progress, quantity, and quality of work being performed on each project task and prepare status reports.
  • Provide internal reporting of daily activities.
  • Assist in developing project metrics and reporting processes.
  • Coordinate meeting agendas and prepare materials for project meetings.
  • Prepare and submit project submittals and RFI’s.
  • Prepare documentation for required permits.
  • Process new hire paperwork.
  • Review and code project invoices.
  • Maintain a purchase order book for the project.
  • Review all subcontractor invoices.

Resource Management

  • Ensure that resources are appropriately allocated to team members.
  • Provide support to field crews.
  • Assist the project manager in recruiting project staff and consultants.
  • Provide direction and support to key players in accordance to program activities.
  • Ensure that any surplus materials or supplies are put away for use in subsequent projects.
  • Assist with procurement of project materials, equipment, and supplies.
  • Provide support in scheduling of subcontractors.
  • Assist with survey set up and mobilizing crew members to work areas.
  • Maintain compliance with waste/borrow site requirements.

Project Controls

  • Document all daily work activities, including:
  1. Labor hours
  2. Equipment hours
  3. In-place quantities of materials used
  4. Task performed
  5. Subcontractor work completed
  6. Weather conditions
  7. Incident reporting
  8. QC reports
  • Track inventory of materials on-site and in transit.
  • Determine disposition of un-used materials after construction.
  • Provide schedule updates including tracking of subcontractors.
  • Prepare submittals/RFI’s and provide tracking of disposition.
  • Reconcile invoice quantities against verified quantitates.

Education and Experience:

A bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Management preferred.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply

E-Verify Employer

Drug-Free Workplace